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Multiband Multi-Echo Simultaneous ASL/BOLD for task-induced functional MRI

This study applies a sequence combining pseudo-continuous ASL (pCASL) labeling with a multiband (MB), multi-echo (ME) acquisition for simultaneous BOLD and ASL echo planar imaging (MBME ASL/BOLD) for block-design task-fMRI. A MB-factor of 4 was employed and 4 echoes were collected. Data was acquired during a bilateral finger-tapping task with 40s tap and rest periods. Multi-echo independent component analysis (MEICA) was implemented to automatically denoise the BOLD and ASL signal. This technique led to increased temporal signal-to-noise ratio (tSNR) and sensitivity. Signal characteristics and activation were evaluated using single echo BOLD, combined ME BOLD, combined ME BOLD after MEICA denoising, perfusion-weighted (PW), and perfusion-weighted after MEICA denoising time-series. Our data suggest that the MBME ASL/BOLD sequence can be employed to collect whole-brain task-fMRI with improved data quality for both BOLD and PW time series, thus improving the results of block-design task fMRI.


001 finger tapping task


  • Yang Wang
  • Andrew S. Nencka
  • Alexander D. Cohen

Contact Information:

Name: Alexander D. Cohen

Name: Valerie Voon

Acknowledgements and Funding:

The authors thank Marc Lebel, PhD for assistance with the ASL portion of the pulse sequence, and Ajit Shankaranarayanan, PhD and Matthew J. Middione, PhD from GE Healthcare for providing the source code of the GE multiband sequence. Funding: This work was supported by a Daniel M. Soref Charitable Trust Grant (to YW)

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Multiband multi-echo imaging of simultaneous oxygenation and flow timeseries for resting state connectivity

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GE MR750 DV25_R01



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