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Female action video game players.

Functional MRI was used to examine brain activity in experienced, female action video game players and in females who do not play action video games. Participants performed two visually-guided reaching conditions: 1) Standard condition in which the eyes and hand moved to the same cued spatial location, 2) Non-Standard/Dissociated condition in which the eyes moved to the cued spatial location but the hand moved 180 degrees in the opposite direction. A slow event-related protocol was used with each trial containing a cue period, an instructed-delay period, and a movement period. Four imaging runs were collected containing both conditions (in random order). An independent localizer run was also collected using a similar trial structure.


  • Lauren Sergio
  • Diana Gorbet

Contact Information:

Name: Diana Gorbet

Acknowledgements and Funding:

Thank you to Joy Williams for excellent MR image acquisition.

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Siemens TrioTim



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This data was obtained from the OpenfMRI database. Its accession number is ds000253



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