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MEG-BIDS Brainstorm data sample

This dataset is a MEG-BIDS version of a tutorial dataset of Brainstorm, a free and open application for MEG data analysis (Tadel et al. 2011). This sample has been organized according to the specifications of MEG-BIDS to obtain feedback from the user community.

Tadel F, Baillet S, Mosher JC, Pantazis D, Leahy RM, “Brainstorm: A User-Friendly Application for MEG/EEG Analysis,” Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience, vol. 2011, Article ID 879716, 13 pages, 2011. doi:10.1155/2011/879716


  • Sylvain Baillet
  • François Tadel
  • Jeremy Moreau
  • Elizabeth Bock
  • Guiomar Niso

Contact Information:

Name: Sylvain Baillet

Acknowledgements and Funding:

NIH (2R01EB009048-05)

External Publication Links:

Brainstorm: A User-Friendly Application for MEG/EEG Analysis

Sample Size:


Scanner Type:

MEG, CTF Inc. 275 channels



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This data was obtained from the OpenfMRI database. Its accession number is ds000246



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