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These 120 MRI datasets are being released to the public along as part of the materials for “Temporal interpolation alters motion in fMRI scans: magnitudes and consequences for artifact detection” by Power et al. in PLOS ONE.

Included for each subject is a T1-weighted anatomical image (MP-RAGE) and one or more T2*-weighted scans (resting state BOLD scans)

All subjects 
    - were “typical” young adults that reported no significant neurological or psychiatric history
    - were right-handed and reported that English was their first language
    - were scanned at Washington University in Saint Louis on a Siemens MAGNETOM Tim Trio 3T scanner with a Siemens 12-channel head coil
    - were scanned using interleaved ascending product sequences for T2* data
    - were scanned in the eyes-open resting state fixating a white crosshair on a black background

The data have been described in multiple publications from the Petersen/Schlaggar group,
    - beginning with Power et al., 2013 “Evidence for hubs in human brain networks” in Neuron
    - and most comprehensively in Power et al., 2014 “Methods to detect, characterize, and remove motion artifact in resting state fMRI” in Neuroimage
    - as well as several other publications



001 rest eyes open


  • Jonathan Power
  • Brad Schlaggar
  • Steve Petersen

Contact Information:

Name: Becky Coalson
Email: becky@npg.wustl.edu

Acknowledgements and Funding:

We thank Steve Petersen and Brad Schlaggar for releasing these data for public use.

External Publication Links:

Methods to detect, characterize, and remove motion artifact in resting state fMRI

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Siemens MAGNETOM Tim Trio 3T



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This data was obtained from the OpenfMRI database. Its accession number is ds000243



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