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MRI data of 3-12 year old children and adults during viewing of a short animated film

Participants watched a silent version of Disney Pixar's "Partly Cloudy," a 5.6-minute animated movie. The movie was preceded by 10s of rest, and participants were instructed to watch the movie and remain still.


001 film viewing


  • Rebecca Saxe
  • Alexa Riobueno-Naylor
  • Grace Lisandrelli
  • Hilary Richardson

Contact Information:

Name: Hilary Richardson

Acknowledgements and Funding:

We thank the Athinoula A. Martinos Imaging Center at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, Jorie Koster-Hale, Natalia Velez-Alicea, Mika Asaba, and Nir Jacoby for help with data collection. We thank Todd Thompson for his work making this dataset publicly available.

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3-Tesla Siemens Tim Trio; Syngo MR B17A



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This data was obtained from the OpenfMRI database. Its accession number is ds000228



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