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Sequential Inference VBM

These data comprise behaviour from 79 subjects on a probabilistic reversal task together with T1-weighted structural images. (The task is described in more detail in: FitzGerald et al. Sequential inference as a mode of cognition and its correlates in fronto-parietal and hippocampal brain regions. PLoS Computational Biology (2017))

The principal findings of the original study were that the majority of subjects employed a strategy of inferring about the joint probability of sequences of states stretching into the past, and that betwene-subject differences in strategy correlated with gery-matter density changes in various parts of the brain.

Data were collected from 43 younger adults and 36 older adults. Additionally, most of the subjects performed the Raven's matrices task, and an n-back working memory task, and results from these are also included, together with height, weight, age and sex.


001 probabilistic reversal learning task


  • Ray Dolan
  • Shu-Chen Li
  • Karl Friston
  • Dorothea Hammerer
  • Thomas FitzGerald

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Name: Thomas FitzGerald

Acknowledgements and Funding:

We thank B. Sengupta and H. Bonnici for their insightful comments.

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Siemens Trio Magnetom 3T



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This data was obtained from the OpenfMRI database. Its accession number is ds000222



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