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Neural mechanism underlying appearance social comparison

We investigated the neural basis of body image processing in overweight and average weight young women to understand whether brain regions that were previously found to be involved in processing self-reflective, perspective and affective components of body image would show different activation between two groups.


001 body image self-reflection task


  • Xiao Gao

Contact Information:

Name: Ying She

Acknowledgements and Funding:

This research was supported by Chinese National Natural Science Foundation (31100758) and Central Universities Fundamental Research Funds SWU1409116) grants to Xiao Gao, as well as Chongqing Health Bureau Foundation (2012-2-135) to Xiao Deng and the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation (31170981) to Hong Chen.

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My Body Looks Like That Girl's: Body Mass Index Modulates Brain Activity during Body Image Self-Reflection among Young Women.

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3T Siemens TRIO MRI scanner



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