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The heterogeneity in retrieved relations between the personality trait 'Harm avoidance' and gray matter volumes due to variations in the VBM and ROI labeling processing settings

In this study we tested the heterogeneity in obtained correlations between gray matter morphology and the personality trait 'Harm Avoidance' (HA).

95 healthy female volunteers (age: 18-30 years) were recruited to participate in the study. All underwent a T1 weighted anatomical scan of the head (TI/TR/TE=940.4/7.6/3.7ms, flip angle=8 degrees, FOV=240x240x200mm³, resolution=1x1x2mm³) at a Philips 3T Achieva MRI scanner. A score for all personality traits as defined in Cloninger’s psychobiological model of personality was obtained using the 'Revised Temperament and Character Inventory' (TCI).


  • Johan De Mey
  • Chris Baeken
  • Peter Van Schuerbeek

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Name: Peter Van Schuerbeek

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The Heterogeneity in Retrieved Relations between the Personality Trait ‘Harm Avoidance’ and Gray Matter Volumes Due to Variations in the VBM and ROI Labeling Processing Settings

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Philips 3T Achieva



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