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Pre-adolescents Exposure to Manganese

The data included in this pilot study are a collection of 14 pre-adolescents recruited in one of the Italian sites exposed to Manganese. The mean age of the two groups was respectively 14.7 years (s.d.=2.4) and 14.6 years (s.d.= 0.5) with 4 girls in the first group and 2 in the second.

The fMRI paradigm included an olfactory stimulation which consisted of 12 alternating task-rest blocks of 25 seconds, 10 volumes/block (120 volumes) for a total acquisition time of 5 minutes. The MRI acquisition protocol included a Coronal T2 FSE (TR/TE  5000/102 slice thickness 2 mm, no gap) use for the volumetric measurement of the olfactory bulb; a time series of 2D echo planar imaging (EPI) (TR/TE 2500/50 ms,  28 axial slices, 3.3 mm thickness, 1.1 mm inter-slice gap, matrix size  64x64).

Note: Please see if you are looking for data associated with the following paper: Roy A, Bernier RA, Wang J, Benson M, French JJ Jr, et al. (2017) The evolution of cost-efficiency in neural networks during recovery from traumatic brain injury. PLOS ONE 12(4): e0170541.


  • Emilia Iannilli

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Effects of Manganese Exposure on Olfactory Functions in Teenagers: A Pilot Study

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1.5T Aera, Siemens, Erlangen, Germany



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