Block design food and nonfood picture viewing task

Thirty female subjects performed a passive viewing task with blocks of food and nonfood images. More procedures can be found in the publication" Allured or alarmed: counteractive control responses to food temptations in the brain. 

"During scanning, subjects alternately viewed 24 s blocks of palatable food images (8 blocks) and non-food images (i.e., office utensils; 8 blocks), interspersed with 8–16 s rest blocks showing a crosshair (12 s on average). Halfway the task there was a 10 s break. In the image blocks, 8 images were presented for 2.5 s each with a 0.5 s inter-stimulus interval. All pictures were of equal size and displayed the (food) object on a white background. Food pictures were selected to represent foods that are both attractive and ‘forbidden’ (i.e., fattening), congruent with our definition of temptations."

Dataset Contains: BOLD-contrast fMRI data and T1-weighted high resolution structural scans




  • D. T. D. de Ridder
  • Catherine Evers
  • Floor M. Kroese
  • Paul A. M. Smeets

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Name: Nynke van der Laan

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Allured or alarmed: Counteractive control responses to food temptations in the brain

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Philips Achieva 3 Tesla



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This data was obtained from the OpenfMRI database. Its accession number is ds000157



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