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Incidental encoding task (Posner Cueing Paradigm)

Subjects were scanned while incidentally encoding a series of visually presented real objects and greebles (meaningless objects) in a variant of the Posner cueing paradigm. Subjects covertly shifted their attention to the left or right of fixation, as cued by a centrally-presented arrow prior to item onset, and made a real object versus greeble judgment about the stimulus appearing in the cued or uncued location. Items appeared in the uncued location with a probability of .18. Subjects performed an unscanned memory test following encoding, in which they indicated their memory for old and new real objects using the following four responses: high confident old, low confident old, low confident new, high confident new. For trials in which subjects responded with one of the two old responses, a source memory judgment about the location (left or right side of the screen) of the object at study followed the recognition judgment.


001 Incidental encoding task


  • Anthony D. Wagner
  • J. Benjamin Hutchinson
  • Melina R. Uncapher

Acknowledgements and Funding:

This research was supported by National Institute of Mental Health Grants 5R01-MH080309 and F32-MH084475.

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Dissociable effects of top-down and bottom-up attention during episodic encoding

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3 T Signa MR scanner



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