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Visual object recognition

Neural responses, as reflected in hemodynamic changes, were measured in six subjects (five female and one male) with gradient echo echoplanar imaging on a GE 3T scanner (General Electric, Milwaukee, WI) [repetition time (TR) = 2500 ms, 40 3.5-mm-thick sagittal images, field of view (FOV) = 24 cm, echo time (TE) = 30 ms, flip angle = 90] while they performed a one-back repetition detection task. High-resolution T1-weighted spoiled gradient recall (SPGR) images were obtained for each subject to provide detailed anatomy (124 1.2-mm-thick sagittal images, FOV = 24 cm). Stimuli were gray-scale images of faces, houses, cats, bottles, scissors, shoes, chairs, and nonsense patterns. The categories were chosen so that all stimuli from a given category would have the same base level name. The specific categories were selected to allow comparison with our previous studies (faces, houses, chairs, animals, and tools) or ongoing studies (shoes and bottles). Control nonsense patterns were phase-scrambled images of the intact objects. Twelve time series were obtained in each subject. Each time series began and ended with 12 s of rest and contained eight stimulus blocks of 24-s duration, one for each category, separated by 12-s intervals of rest. Stimuli were presented for 500 ms with an interstimulus interval of 1500 ms. Repetitions of meaningful stimuli were pictures of the same face or object photographed from different angles. Stimuli for each meaningful category were four images each of 12 different exemplars.


Note that the original version of the raw data that was posted prior to 10/29/2012 had one extra timepoint incorrectly added to the end of runs 1-11 for each subject.  The currently posted version has been corrected.

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