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Flanker task (event-related)

The "NYU Slow Flanker" dataset comprises data collected from 26 healthy adults while they performed a slow event-related Eriksen Flanker task. **Please note that all data have been uploaded regardless of quality- it is up to the user to check for data quality (movement etc).

On each trial (inter-trial interval (ITI) varied between 8 s and 14 s; mean ITI=12 s),participants used one of two buttons on a response pad to indicate the direction of a central arrow in an array of 5 arrows. In congruent trials the flanking arrows pointed in the same direction as the central arrow (e.g., < < < < <), while in more demanding incongruent trials the flanking arrows pointed in the opposite direction (e.g., < < > < <).

Subjects performed two 5-minute blocks, each containing 12 congruent and 12 incongruent trials, presented in a pseudorandom order.

Functional imaging data were acquired using a research dedicated Siemens Allegra 3.0 T scanner, with a standard Siemens head coil, located at theNYU Center for Brain Imaging. We obtained 146 contiguous echo planar imaging (EPI) whole-brain functional volumes (TR=2000 ms; TE=30 ms; flip angle=80, 40 slices, matrix=64x64; FOV=192 mm; acquisition voxel size=3x3x4mm) during each of the two flanker task blocks. A high-resolution T1-weighted anatomical image was also acquired using a magnetization prepared gradient echo sequence (MPRAGE, TR=2500 ms; TE= 3.93 ms; TI=900 ms; flip angle=8; 176 slices, FOV=256 mm).

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