This dataset contains the MRI data from the MyConnectome study.  The data are broken into several parts:

Sessions 14-104 are from the original acquisition period of the study performed at the University of Texas using a Siemens Skyra 3T scanner.  All resting data were collected with eyes closed.

Session 105 is a follow-up session performed at Washington University using a Siemens Trio 3T scanner in which data were collected manipulating eyes open/closed across sessions.

Session 106 is a follow-up session performed at Stanford University using a GE MR750 3T scanner, in which a high angular resolution diffusion imaging acquisition was performed.

We request that researchers who discover any health-relevant findings will contact Dr. Poldrack (poldrack at gmail dot com) prior to publicly releasing those results.


  • Laumann, T
  • Poldrack, R

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Laumann et al., Functional System and Areal Organization of a Highly Sampled Individual Human Brain

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Siemens Skyra 3T



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This data was obtained from the OpenfMRI database. Its accession number is ds000031



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Revision: 1.0.4 Date Set: Dec. 21, 2017, 7:36 p.m.


- Added session 107 to sessions.tsv
- EffectiveEchoSpacing and PhaseEncodingDirection were added to the functional scans
- IntendedFor was added to fieldmaps
- Added fMRIprep output

Revision: 1.0.3 Date Set: Dec. 16, 2016, 10:09 p.m.


- Added events files
- Updated json metadata files and nifti headers
- Moved dicom headers to 'sourcedata'

Revision: 1.0.2 Date Set: Nov. 28, 2015, midnight


- A problem was discovered with the original bval/bvec files. The tarballs have been updated; in addition, a separate file is available for download with just the corrected bval/bvec files.

Revision: 1.0.1 Date Set: Oct. 12, 2015, midnight


- Converted to new BIDS 1.0 format

Revision: 1.0.0 Date Set: June 4, 2015, midnight


- Initial release