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Classification learning and tone-counting

Fourteen participants were trained on two different classification problems while they were scanned by using fMRI. Participants were trained on one problem under single-task (ST) conditions and on the other problem while performing a concurrent tone-counting task. During training, subjects learned the categories based on trial-by-trial feedback. After training, subjects received an additional block of probe trials using a mixed event-related (ER) fMRI paradigm, during which they classified items that had been trained under either ST or dual-task (DT) conditions. To measure how well participants had learned under each condition, no feedback was presented during the probe block, and all items were presented under ST conditions.  An additional tone-counting localizer scan presented blocks of the tone counting task (followed by a probe at the end of each block) compared to rest.


001 tone counting

002 single-task weather prediction

003 dual-task weather prediction

004 classification probe without feedback


  • Poldrack, R.A.
  • Knowlton, B.J.
  • Foerde, K.

Acknowledgements and Funding:

We thank Michael Mitchell and staff (Statistical Consulting Group, Academic Technology Services, University of California, Los Angeles) for help with regression analyses and Sabrina M. Tom for help with fMRI data acquisition. This work was supported by National Science Foun- dation Grant BCS-0223843, a Whitehall Foundation grant (to R.A.P.), and a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship (to K.F.).

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Modulation of competing memory systems by distraction

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3T Siemens Allegra head-only MR scanner



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