Data Sets

Study Investigators Accession Number
Balloon Analog Risk-taking Task Tom Schonberg ds000001
Classification learning Aron, A.R. ds000002
Rhyme judgment Xue, G. ds000003
Mixed-gambles task Tom S.M. ds000005
Living-nonliving decision with plain or mirror-reversed text K Jimura ds000006
Stop-signal task with spoken & manual responses Xue G ds000007
Stop-signal task with unconditional and conditional stopping Aron, A.R. ds000008
The generality of self-control Jessica Cohen ds000009
Classification learning and tone-counting Foerde, K. ds000011
Classification learning and stop-signal (1 year test-retest) Rizk-Jackson ds000017
MyConnectome Poldrack, R ds000031
Cross-language repetition priming Alvarez, R. ds000051
Classification learning and reversal Poldrack, R.A. ds000052
Simon task Kelly AMC ds000101
Flanker task (event-related) Kelly AMC ds000102
Visual object recognition Haxby, J. ds000105
Word and object processing Duncan, K. ds000107
Prefrontal-Subcortical Pathways Mediating Successful Emotion Regulation Wager TD ds000108
False belief task Joseph M. Moran ds000109
Incidental encoding task (Posner Cueing Paradigm) Melina R. Uncapher ds000110
A high-resolution 7-Tesla fMRI dataset from complex natural stimulation with an audio movie Michael Hanke ds000113
High-resolution 7-Tesla fMRI data on the perception of musical genres Michael Hanke ds000113b
A test-retest fMRI dataset for motor, language and spatial attention functions. Gorgolewski KJ ds000114
Working memory in healthy and schizophrenic individuals Barch DM ds000115
Auditory and Visual Oddball EEG-fMRI Jennifer M Walz ds000116
A multi-subject, multi-modal human neuroimaging dataset Wakeman, DG ds000117
Spinal fMRI reveals decreased descending inhibition during secondary mechanical hyperalgesia Rempe T, Wolff S, Riedel C, Baron R, Stroman PW, Jansen O, Gierthmühlen J ds000138
Distinct brain systems mediate the effects of nociceptive input and self-regulation on pain Choong-Wan Woo ds000140
Who can afford self-control? The neural efficiency mechanism explains effective self-regulation of behavior Edward Nęcka ds000148
Associative processing is inherent in scene perception Elissa M. Aminoff and Michael J. Tarr ds000149
The human Voice Areas: spatial organisation and inter-individual variability in temporal and extra-temporal cortices Pernet, CR ds000158
Perceptual use of binocular disparity Matthew L Patten ds000162