Data Sets

Study Investigators Accession Number
Balloon Analog Risk-taking Task Tom Schonberg ds000001
Classification learning Aron, A.R. ds000002
Rhyme judgment Xue, G. ds000003
Mixed-gambles task Tom S.M. ds000005
Living-nonliving decision with plain or mirror-reversed text K Jimura ds000006
Stop-signal task with spoken & manual responses Xue G ds000007
Stop-signal task with unconditional and conditional stopping Aron, A.R. ds000008
The generality of self-control Jessica Cohen ds000009
Classification learning and tone-counting Foerde, K. ds000011
Classification learning and stop-signal (1 year test-retest) Rizk-Jackson ds000017
Cross-language repetition priming Alvarez, R. ds000051
Classification learning and reversal Poldrack, R.A. ds000052
Simon task Kelly AMC ds000101
Flanker task (event-related) Kelly AMC ds000102
Visual object recognition Haxby, J. ds000105
Word and object processing Duncan, K. ds000107
Prefrontal-Subcortical Pathways Mediating Successful Emotion Regulation Wager TD ds000108
False belief task Joseph M. Moran ds000109
Incidental encoding task (Posner Cueing Paradigm) Melina R. Uncapher ds000110
A high-resolution 7-Tesla fMRI dataset from complex natural stimulation with an audio movie Michael Hanke ds000113
A test-retest fMRI dataset for motor, language and spatial attention functions. Gorgolewski KJ ds000114
Working memory in healthy and schizophrenic individuals Barch DM ds000115
Auditory and Visual Oddball EEG-fMRI Jennifer M Walz ds000116
A multi-subject, multi-modal human neuroimaging dataset Wakeman, DG ds000117
Visual Attention Jiansong Xu ds000122
T1WI and DTI of 49 obese overweight and normal weight Chinese young adults Baohui Lou, Min Chen, Xiaojie Luo, Yongming Dai ds000131
Modafinil alters intrinsic functional connectivity of the right posterior insula: a pharmacological resting state fMRI study Nicoletta Cera, Armando Tartaro, and Stefano L. Sensi ds000133
Spinal fMRI reveals decreased descending inhibition during secondary mechanical hyperalgesia Rempe T, Wolff S, Riedel C, Baron R, Stroman PW, Jansen O, Gierthmühlen J ds000138
Distinct brain systems mediate the effects of nociceptive input and self-regulation on pain Choong-Wan Woo ds000140
Interleaved EPI based fMRI with improved spatial resolution Hing-Chiu Chang, Pooja Gaur, Nan-kuei Chen ds000142
Early Childhood Anxiety Helen Egger, MD ds000144
Altered brain activation during emotional face processing in relation to both diagnosis and polygenic risk of bipolar disorder Martin Tesli ds000145
Interhemispheric comparison of fMRI responses to visual stimulation Anders Hougaard ds000147
Who can afford self-control? The neural efficiency mechanism explains effective self-regulation of behavior Edward Nęcka ds000148